Our Adventures in Norway. The long and winding road. Part 8

We are up bright and early to head to the train. We leave the keys of our perfect Air B&B in the mail box and head down the steep path for the final time. It is quiet as we stroll along, there is a not a soul around this morning.  We arrive at the station  quickly and look up at the departure board. OSLO CANCELLED.

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Our Adventures in Norway. Just strolling along. Part 7

We awake to a beautiful Bergen day, the sun is shining and we are heading out to run/hike up Floyenimg_20161022_102533124. There is actually 10 hikes you can take once you get to the top of the funicular station. We are just taking the switch back path to the top with the elevation of 0 to  425m then taking the funicular down. The view is amazing from the top and we enjoy the panorama of the city before heading down on the funicular.

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Our Adventures in Norway. Rail strike or no Rail strike? Part 6

It is early morning and we are heading down to the train station. Gaby has kindly kept our big luggage at her place as we will be returning to Gaby’s Air B&B in a couple of days. Continue reading

Our Adventures in Norway.Finding the Scream. Part 5

We both have  enjoyed our beautifully presented meal at the Scotsman.  We have about 2 hours left before the performance at the Concert hall. So we head down Karl Johans Gate towards the Royal Palace. We are going to the National Gallery to see if another version of the Scream is on display. Continue reading

Our Adventures in Norway. Vigeland and Munch. Part 4

This is our busiest day in Oslo before we head out on the train tomorrow to Bergen. First on the list is walking to the The Vigeland Park it  is the world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist. Continue reading

Our Adventures in Norway. Admiring the View. Part 3

After a good nights sleep we are greeted with a lovely breakfast that our host has laid out for us. We have yet to be introduced to Gaby and her partner Ole, hopefully we will meet up with them tonight.

We are armed with a map and a plan, well a loose plan and I managed to lose the map within a few minutes of walking towards the town center. It does not take us long to walk to Karl Johans Gate the main shopping  street in Oslo.

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Our adventures in Norway. The girls road trip begins. Part 2

We are off to Norway! There are a few hiccups along the way, but it is never a good story without hiccups.  I am travelling IcelandAir for the 4th time in  3 years. I have to keep reminding myself that cheap flights do come at a cost.  So when Sharon texts me to say there had been  yet another change in our flights I am not surprised. Her flight from Vancouver would not be stopping in Edmonton, we would go to Iceland on separate planes. So far  we were still on the same flight to Oslo, fingers crossed. Continue reading

GIRLS ROAD TRIP!! Our Adventures in Norway. Part 1

I am off to Norway for an adventure with a girl friend.  “Why Norway?”, everyone asks. Well, a few reasons: Norwegian desserts dominated our family Christmas dessert tray with Krumkake and Lefse.Image result for krumkake

And then there is the Cross Country Ski thing, my favourite  winter sport. So really that is more then enough reason to go explore a new  country. Continue reading

ICELAND: Travelling Solo


Travelling solo?
Yes please!
Iceland is the country at the top of all those lists: Best Place in the world to live, happiest place in the world and the all important safest place in the world.
I would also add easiest place to travel to and in.

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