About The Madills

The Madills are a party of four from sunny Alberta, Canada.

We’ve been in love with travel since we were a party of two in the mid 80s, backpacking across Europe and that love only grew as we became a party of three, living in England as part of a teacher exchange that gave us even more travel opportunities. Now as a party of four (but usually three, as the eldest child is off on her own adventures) we continue to make travel an important aspect of our lives.

We love to travel and believe in the importance of conscientious travel. When we visit other countries we try to make sure our travel dollars benefit the people who live there and the local economies. We like to rent guest houses rather than stay in multinational hotel chains and to buy our food from the markets and local independent businesses.

We believe in living local both home and abroad and respect how privileged we are to be able to explore other countries, eat the food, drink the wine and meet the people.

However, we are cognizant of the globalized world and the privileges it offers, so in order to access the wifi we need or the western toilets we sometimes need more, it might mean a cup of coffee at the golden arches.

We hope you enjoy the blog and please, if you have any travel tidbits and recommendations, we’d love to hear them.



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