Our last day in Reykjavik Budget time

It is Friday and it is time to go home already. We pack up and I check out. I told the desk clerk about our adventure in the hotel spa , his reaction was that of disgust and waved the 10. euro fee. Thank goodness! We drop the bags and head off to see Hronn for a visit then do a little last minute shopping. Our Grey lines airport transfer picks us up on time and we head out to the airport by 2:00.

I have some time to see if the challenge I set for us came in on budget. The goal was $1100. and we succeeded in doing this. Continue reading


My second morning in Reykjavik starts of with a run, this time no rain just the a nice layer of slippery frost. But the mossy grass path is perfect for a run along the harbour. It is 8:30 and still dark. Full daylight won’t break until about 10:00. I was hoping to see the Peace Tower on Videy island but it is turned off at midnight Continue reading


Our day started with a great breakfast, our package includes a full  breakfast not a continental one. We paced ourselves and were not hungry again until dinner. We did love the sign asking the really hungry tourists not to make a pack lunch from the buffet. As I sat and ate, the rain was hitting the windows as if someone was throwing buckets of water at them then swiping them with branches. I have plans on running this morning and I am trying to come up with as many excuses as I can not to go out there. “But no!” I hit the pavement and go for it. After all, I learned young that waiting for the weather to change  will get nothing accomplished. It hurts! It really hurts! Icelandic rain in November is like glass shards coming at you sideways. Continue reading

Hannah Day 3: Thingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir

Today we went on a tour with Reykjavik Excursions called “Gullfoss, Geysir & Þingvellir” It was from 10:30-4:30 and we went to Thingvellir National Park, Geysir (to watch the geyser…) and Gullfoss waterfall. It was a good trip with lots of great sights and photo ops and no rude bus people other than those who were late. The weather was random throughout as you can see in the photos, clear then snowy then clear then rainy then warm….  Continue reading

Hannah: Day 2

Today (Yesterday) was nice.

That’s a great opening line… but it was nice. It didn’t start off that way though. I woke up around 5am and just messed around on the internet for a while until mom woke up. We went for breakfast, which was good, then she went for a run in the hail and sleet and came back. All good so far. Then we decided to go to the “wellness area” which is a hot tub, sauna and steam room (and a rack of weights…) and is 10 euro extra. We’re expecting nice things. Continue reading


As our flight touched down I hugged Hannah and said “your in Iceland “Our Icelandair flight landed on time and our day here in Reykjavik started at 6:50 am GMT. Geez Keflavik airport sure  has got big in the past 3 years.  You have to go through security again once you land then customs .  I of course had to be swabbed for explosives and drugs, The look on my face was enough to prompt several apologizes. The line up was as big as those at Gatwick as I am sure 5 flights landed at once. Needless to say we were pretty happy that  the  airport transfer bus turned around and came back to get us and a lovely gentlemen came running to help us with our luggage. Continue reading

Hannah: First Day in Reykjavik

So one of my goals is to possibly spell Reykjavik right on the first try. It looks right in that sentence, but I’m not sure. I’ve spelled it Reykavik, Rejavik, Reyjavik, but Google always knows what I mean, so we’re all good.

Continue reading


DSC03722Hannah and I are off to Iceland today.  Icelandair was  having a amazing seat sale and I could not resist jumping at the opportunity to  head over to the country of my grandfather’s birth for a third time. When I asked Hannah what she wanted to do on her first visit to Iceland her list came fast and furious. First, was to go to ‘Vestmannaeyjar Island and meet our cousins Fridrik and Sigridur. Then go to all the museums and art galleries  And third visit with our family in Reykjavik. Continue reading

Leaving for Iceland: Hannah

Hello! I’m Hannah, Sue and Sean’s eldest daughter who hasn’t been part of the “adventures of the madills” for a few years now since turning 18.

I’m 22 and in my third year at the University of Alberta, taking Elementary Education, with the goal of teaching primary grades in the Northwest Territories. (That’s the fun about being a student, it get’s easier to introduce yourself. The top questions are always: “what’s your major?” “what year are you in?” and “what are you going to do when you graduate?”)

About a month ago, I got a text from my mom asking if I could come home during reading week to watch Philippa while her and dad went on a trip. I said, “sure” and then a few minutes later she said that my dad couldn’t take the time off work and asked if I wanted to come to Iceland. I immediately said YES!!! in all caps. Continue reading