Acropolypse Now. Freezing in Greece 1986

The ferry pulled into the docks at Athens. We were finally in Greece and the crew gave us our passports back as promised. We had made a lot of new friends on board and some advised us not to spend a lot of time in Athens.  Sean and I were prepared to hate Athens. But in fact we quite enjoyed the ancient old city. Continue reading


Top 10 Books that launched some amazing trips.

Getting to our favourite travel destination is sometimes a waiting game. But there are some wonderful writers that can take us there before the date on  our boarding pass. Here are 10 writers I live vicariously through.

10) Author: Martin Walker

Title: Bruno, Chief of Police Series:

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10 reasons to go to France


There are many reasons to go to France. The French cities are amazing but getting off the beaten track and into the countryside is were you will experience the diverse French culture

1. Cycle up to top of Mount Ventoux.


  This is the notorious hill climb of many Tours de France. 2013-06-30 020  Stay in the lovely town of  Mormoiron.

This village is tucked away on the hill top with a beautiful view of Mt Ventoux.  DSC02695Have a coffee in Bedoin

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Living the dream Venice to Greece 1986

Our trip in 1986 was inspired by one event. That would be Sean and I watching the movie Summer Lovers. After which  I figured we needed to get to Crete and Santorini Greece as soon as possible . Continue reading

Retro Amsterdam 1986 The Rajneesh Hotel

When getting off the train in Amsterdam Sean and I notice immediately how different it is from London. Amsterdam is sunny, young and bright, the commuters on their clickity bicycles are wearing colours! Turquoise and yellow, with their blonde hair flapping behind them. This place is cheerful and bright and everything London was not. Continue reading

10 reasons to go to Iceland

Run in the Suzuki Midnight Run

This run takes place during the summer solstice each year. There are 3 distances to suit your needs.sunrun

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I have done it I LOVE Paris

22 years have past since our first trip to Paris. We are now a party of 4 and seem to always have a adventure planned. We (really me) decided that a trip to Paris was a must in the summer of 2008 this would be our 5th time to the city. Continue reading

Another chance to LOVE Paris

It is now 12 years later from when Sean and I first ventured to Europe in 1986 and we are now living in the UK doing a teacher exchange with the CTEP.

We had a whole year of school breaks ahead of us. Our first one is 6 weeks into the school year , October 1998.  Hannah is just 5 years old and can recite all the Madeline books by heart. So what better place to take such a well read child then to Paris? I am still determined to love Paris. Continue reading

I WILL Love Paris

When travelling to some of the spots on your list of must sees, it is not always guaranteed that the timing for your perfect visit is in the cards.

When Sean and I headed off in 1986 to backpack around Europe we didn’t really have a clue what was going on in Europe at the time. We wanted to either see as much as possible of the continent or stay until our money ran out, which ever came first. Turns out that there was more going on than we ever could have imagined. Continue reading

Our last day in Reykjavik Budget time

It is Friday and it is time to go home already. We pack up and I check out. I told the desk clerk about our adventure in the hotel spa , his reaction was that of disgust and waved the 10. euro fee. Thank goodness! We drop the bags and head off to see Hronn for a visit then do a little last minute shopping. Our Grey lines airport transfer picks us up on time and we head out to the airport by 2:00.

I have some time to see if the challenge I set for us came in on budget. The goal was $1100. and we succeeded in doing this. Continue reading