My second morning in Reykjavik starts of with a run, this time no rain just the a nice layer of slippery frost. But the mossy grass path is perfect for a run along the harbour. It is 8:30 and still dark. Full daylight won’t break until about 10:00. I was hoping to see the Peace Tower on Videy island but it is turned off at midnightfisherman

Hannah and I are going on a coach tour today we had booked a small company for a tour of the Reykjanes pennisula  but it was cancelled at the last minute due to us being the only clients. So we are going with the Reykjavik Excursions and it is the full size Highland coach and this trip is full.

It is snowing pretty heavy as we reach GeysirIMG_20151112_112000477 and I would not want to be in a little rental car. The bus is slipping in the slush.  Our guide is great and he is full of little facts about Iceland but I can’t help the fact that deep down inside I hate these sort of coach trips.  We have about a hour at Gullfoss to hike down the wooden stairs to the falls. A lot of the passengers opt out of going the whole route as it is quite a lots of stairs and they are nicely coated in ice.

At Gulfoss Waterfall, where the rainbow ends

At Gulfoss Waterfall, where the rainbow ends

On our way back to the city we asked to be dropped off in town and head to our new favorite cafe thekaky company KOKU KOMPANIID /Cake Company. I love love love their pastries and swiss mocha. I think this new cafe will do well. It is only 3 weeks old  and the atmosphere is cool and trendy. Were both loving the bright pink interior.10946525_138033619887915_1803574195_n

Reykjavik is a wonderful city to visit it is very safe and clean. The town center is full of people strolling and looking for a place to have dinner. The white twinkle lights wrap around the trees to create such a festive holiday feeling. The weather is amazing for the middle of November, however some of the tourists look as if they are heading to Northern Greenland it seems a bit excessive.  After all it is still above 0c and there is no snow on the groundharpa_baiba_spilar_beethoven_cover

I booked tickets to a concert tonight at Harpa,  it features a violinist Baiba playing Beethoven  and the Icelandic Symphony orchestra  . The concert hall is right across the street from our hotel so we don’t even need coats. I booked our tickets on the Harpa website before we came. They were a amazing deal at $23.00 each.wpid-wp-1447368292816.jpeg

We arrive early and it is a great chance to people watch. Icelandic people are so well dress and have the most amazing shoes. Even ladies in their 70s wear funky shoes.  The concert is wonderful, the second half was my favourite, I think I can safely say it was the most enjoyable classical concert I have ever been to. The pieces that were played reminded me of movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Disney’s Fantasia.




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