PORTUGAL 2015: 28 days before we go

The Madills are about to set off on their next adventure. This time we are going to Portugal with a stop over in Amsterdam and hopefully a few day trips to Spain. This adventure is a bit different this time,  Philippa is taking her friend Mariah. This is a huge big deal as I am not sure that I would let anyone take my children out of the country,  we are very fortunate that Mariah’s parents are trusting us with their 1st born. So over the next 28 days we have to make sure we have all our paperwork in order.

We invite you to come along with us for the month as we share our experience. The template is basically the same as our other trips. I have used the UK site for lodging, Holiday Lettings. It is now connected to Trip Advisor so easy to access and navigate. We have used this site for many years and have had nothing but positive experiences.. We have booked 5 different homes though out Portugal for 3 to 7 days each. Sean has the car set up for the month through Discover Car Hire.

Now I must go get the bags out of the basement and start packing


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