FRANCE 2010: 3 Italians, July 21st

So we are driving through the Burgundy region and these 3 Italian super cars go by. The guy in the front has long shaggy hair, second one is a short guy, third guy tall curly haired . “Stop turn around that was Jeremy Clarkson!” I yell. Hurry follow those cars. Sean then begins to calmly explain that a small compact Peugeot chasing three Italian super cars won’t work. What are you going to do if you catch them? Well maybe I didn’t think of that! Damn, my one chance to have coffee with James, Richard and Jeremy missed.

One of the spots I had to make a pilgrimage  to is Flavigny -sur-Ozevain. This little town is were my favourite candies are made Anis de Flavigny. As well as being the set for my favourite movie Chocolate. It met all my expectation and more. It is a medieval city situated on a rock bluff, it really was breath taking.

Our new home here in Burgundy is a 15th century Tudor detached home. You wouldn’t say “in the style” as it is the real thing. The English couple that rented us the home are really sweet and have painstakingly restored this home. It  is beautiful and we are so lucky to have the opportunity to stay in it. The spiral staircase that takes us to the bedrooms was moved here from another home but you would swear it was original. Upon arriving our fridge was full of cheese fruit and milk, plus 2 bottles of local wine to enjoy.

As we walked though the small village there really isn’t much here but a Tabac and a couple of restaurants. But the part I am enjoying the most is the fields of sunflowers on the edge of the village. I swear they were planted just for me to enjoy, and I am

But on the lighter side, we are sitting here in Dijon the kids are happy as we all sip our coffees and eat our Macarons. Our amazing time in France is almost at a end. We have had a wonderful time going to such places as Vezelay, a UNESCO site were the crypt has some part of Mary Magdalen in it, Rocamadour, were people make their way to the top of the church on their knees. A church carved out of a mountain in the sky So many wonderful times. 

I am starting to plan the next trip already, the next one will be in Provence. I can already smell the lavender fields. Then there is the cycling, must include Mount Ventoux in the plan. Now that I have mastered the art of ordering a double espresso. I will move on to bigger things, like maybe ordering lunch!


One thought on “FRANCE 2010: 3 Italians, July 21st

  1. Love it!
    We will follow along during the Portugal trip. Sister Dru & New husband Ted are going to Porchagal in Septeber. John & Flo Youden are off to Portugal in September for a month.
    John is using the WordPress to do the SockeyeBlue blog. But I am still waiting to see some post, soon I hope.


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