FRANCE 2010: Enjoying the Foie Gras, July 14th

We are enjoying the most beautiful medieval city of Sarlat the warm honey coloured stone of the buildings is a photographers dream. Our 3 floor apartment is in the heart of the town, so every morning I head down for my coffee and croissants at a gorgeous patisserie. The first morning my French was not very clear and I ended up with 2 espressos, one for me and one for my imaginary friend, I was going for a double. We headed out to the prehistoric caves of Font de Gaume that makes this area so famous. Philippa managed to fall down the prehistoric hill, so we now own a very large first aid kit so that we can attend to the damage.

Before arriving we spent some time at Oradour-sur-Glane, it was much like when Sean and I visited Dachau concentration camp in Germany in the 80s. The girls walked quietly through the town taking it all in. It leaves you with a very sick feeling.

 We no longer have internet or English tv at our new home and it has been 40°C every day. But it turns out that there is free wifi at Macdonald’s, so we now have a little visit there each morning to catch up on computer stuff.
We are heading out to the Dorgongne river to go canoeing tomorrow as today is Bastille day and we will be celebrating with the town of Sarlat.


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