FRANCE 2010: Having a lovely time, July 8th,

We are taking a day out to sit back and smell the roses. Had a amazing day at a theme park Puy du Fou. The whole place is based on the history of France, it was the so amazing . The first play we saw was the 3 musketeers. A huge stage performance with horses, beautiful costumes, people coming on to the stage through the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling . This was the only one inside the rest of the attractions are  outside. It was very warm about 40°C, so a lot of H2O was consumed. There was the Gladiators in a Gallo-Roman Stadium, complete with chariot races, Vikings with their Viking ship, the list goes on. I am coming back to this place one day and doing it all over again. ( with my mouth closed) I was very impressed

We head into the Dordogne on Saturday, there is a village along the way called Oradour- sur- Glane  that I want to visit. The entire town is a museum, The Nazis came into the town rounded up all the women and children and put them in to the church, the men went in to selected garages. Everyone in the town was killed and the town is left as it stood that day. The Nazis thought that the town was a hot bed for the resistance.

Our next Gite is in  Sarlat. It is located right in the heart of the old town. So we will have to park on the out skirts of the town and walk in as there is no parking or regular traffic allowed.  There is the  promise of the  best market ever so I am looking forward to that. For now we will continue to smell the warm lavender air, eat bread and drink wine.


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